Reinventing the hiring process takes a revolutionary idea. With WiseHires, we not only developed a unique, process-focused user interface, but created a brand that helped propel their product to new heights.

As a small start-up, WiseHires needed a look for their application that embodied who they were as a company. Additionally, they needed a visual representation of their hiring application that would help persuade investors that their application was credible, reliable, and compelling.

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The project began by coming up with a mark that best represented the company. Working directly with the two founders (often via conference call to California), we fleshed out the details of what would later become their mark. I created 12 logo variations for which we soon narrowed down to the green light bulb with the WiseHires text to the right.

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The success of the branding led to the UI design for their online application. Using the style we set forth in the identity, I quickly generated a series of mockups that reflected the new brand’s sensibilities. Working closely with the client, I began to flesh out the HTML and building the structure that would support the pages.


The process reflected a traditional Agile or waterfall model, specifically having us work on iteration after iteration until both were happy with the results. The WiseHires founders leveraged their experience in building solid, functional applications while letting me work on the visual aesthetics, usability, and front end development. This freedom provided gave me an opportunity to really do something unique and fun while providing a proven framework to build upon.

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Many of our ideas occurred on napkins at local eateries, through conference calls, and online, but for the most part it was a quick, paced, get it done type of thing.


Deadlines we’re critical for these two entrepreneurs, and I was able to provide an efficient and responsive turnaround
 that met their needs. In fact, the visual look was completed well in advance of the client entering their app into a national competition.
 After receiving quite a bit of notoriety from peers, each used the project as a springboard to better their careers working for successful web companies.

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