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Walt’s Construction, a residential and commercial remodeling and construction company interested in reworking their print collateral.


Produced print materials that reflect often overlooked company services including fencing, tile & stone work, and general contractor solutions.


The message focused on three core tenants of Walt’s business: Quality, Integrity, and Value with brief descriptions of each. These statements are juxtaposed next to construction site photographs of Walt’s handiwork.


Re-framed the conversation to ask the question many clients ask themselves before hiring a general contractor: “Why should I choose your company?” Conveyed the difference Walt’s Construction can make through the use of engaging images, carefully crafted text, and color. Provided a direct and tangible way for customers to see what they are getting when they choose Walt’s Construction.


The artwork was handed off to the client to be printed as-needed, insuring that fliers are available wherever and whenever the client needs them. Follow-up collateral includes a postcard campaign and door signs.


The new bright colors attracted more attention and garnered several referral calls. As a result of this successful campaign, the client is considering redesigning their website presence and getting some logo work done.

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Walt’s Construction Collateral


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