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TASB Risk Management Fund (TASB RMF), is a self-service risk pool focused on keeping public education organizations healthy and safe places to learn and work. It’s one of TASB’s largest entities and plays a crucial role in serving the state of Texas when it comes to assuring the safety and well being of Texas school districts, community colleges, and other education organizations.


My team was tasked with redesigning the sight to meet members needs in a way that reflected the evolving nature of the expanding services the Fund offered including Auto, Liability, Property, and Unemployment Compensation.

Research & Discovery:

We started with an evaluation of the site as it existed at the time. We conducted a SWOT & Competitive Analyses, extensive user testing (both internally and externally) in addition to identifying primary, secondary, and tertiary personas. Once we had a direction, we created mood boards to capture the essence of what the brand represented. We then married some of the effort we were working on in the print side to create a cohesive design that spoke to what both the members and the company were wanting.

AI & Wireframing:

A major undertaking was reworking the information architecture (AI) which had become an impediment to users and a result of many support calls. We knew we wanted to improve the process and conducted several tests to uncover pain points.

Responsive Design

We also knew we wanted to go beyond the existing site, which was a static, one dimensional site into something that met members where they are. We knew we could accomplish this by having a flexible layout that would accomodate a variety of devices. First & formost was coming up with several viable design options that we could present to the team. We had multiple designers working on prototype mockups that showed functionality in addition to expanding some of the functionality into areas that were important to members.


When the site was launched the team saw may compliments on the final result. Members were able to find content easier and staff were not burdened by an antiquated design that didn’t reflect where the organization had evolved to. By in large is was huge success and continues to be to this day. While they’ve transitioned to a different CMS since our first redesign, the information architecture and the fundamental changes we introduced to the structure of the site remains the same.


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