TASB Executive Search Services (ESS), an organization that assists school
boards searching for a superintendent.


An ESS rebranding that provides greater unity in its messaging and conveys the
organization’s strategic, forward-thinking mindset.


Developed a concise, one-sentence selling proposition that served as an
anchor for all design components: ”ESS leverages its relationships, understanding
of school boards, and its extensive knowledge of Texas school districts to build solid
leadership teams.”


Used angles, engaging photography and crisp, sans serif headings to
give ESS a contemporary, high-energy identity. The new, stylized web design was
introduced with a coordinated print and email campaign. Finally, a style guide was
developed with a selection of logos and pallets that could be used in various forms of

ESS mockups presented to the client


Before launching the design changes, the rebranding was “teased” in
advertising and announcements over an eight-month period. Collateral materials were
produced and coordinated with the launch.


The enhanced design provided ESS with consistency in its outreach and
a more professional image. The rebranding created greater awareness of ESS,
distinguished it from its competitors and promoted a better understanding of its mission.

Approved ESS collateral

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