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Many are surprised at just how easy it is to get a custom illustration based on your specific ideas or concept. The beauty is that even if you don’t have a firm grasp of what you want, we can provide creative guidance that often exceeds your expectations. Illustration brings a sense of wonder and, if done well, can enhance a story’s content by creating a memorable style. Just as character design forms the foundation of storytelling, a custom designed illustration for an article or web piece can really enhance your efforts.

It starts with an idea

Our process starts with both client and designer formulating ideas and getting them down on paper. We then quickly brainstorm concepts and sketch possible directions. For example, a project like Launching Vinnie, in which the client gave me complete creative freedom, I created a dozen pencil sketches of possible options.

You, as the client, would be heavily involved in determining what specific aspects of the piece need to be emphasized. By the final phase, you have a clear direction as to how the piece will look.

Layer upon layer of detail

The project can take many forms depending on its style and complexity. For this particular robot piece, I created a quick thumbnail sketch and then scanned it in. Afterwards, I started rendering the various elements, relying heavily on the gradation and burn/dodge tools in Photoshop. All metallic accoutrements, including the lights, gauges, and vents were rendered using a Wacom tablet and various Photoshop brushes. Texture was eventually applied, adding a sense of realism and depth to the final piece. Efficiencies were gained by only rendering half the face, then mirroring it to produce the right side. Special attention was paid to make sure the piece didn’t look completely symmetrical.

Accessible and affordable

Illustration is a valuable, unique, and eye-catching way to get people’s attention. Rezendes Design has a unique process by which we can quantify our illustration. We are committed to make your illustrations a success.

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