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Our process starts with analyzing your needs. If we don’t think we’d be a good fit, we’ll tell you up-front. Why waste your time and ours, quite frankly. Once we deem that we are both a good fit, we develop an estimate/proposal and after it is agreed upon and signed, we then begin working with you on collecting content using our Creative Brief. Soon after collaboratively discussing the project in detail, we then begin the process of creating mockups. Depending on the type of job, this can be anything from 2-3 design samples to 12-14 sketches for an illustration.
Everything is tailored to your specific need, including our proposal. Thereafter design concepts are presented to you for your review. Two to three rounds of revisions are included to ensure your expectations are being met. Once the design is nailed down, then it’s time to tweak the details. Content is traditionally provided up front for printed pieces. For web projects, we’re more flexible. We are fully capable of adjusting to your particular needs and will tweak the details until you are 100% satisfied. Once we get to a place where the design looks the way you want it, we publish it, whether it be print or web or both.

A step-by-step breakdown can be found below:

Buy lasix pills, How to order lasix drip

Discovery & Organization

The fist step begins with defining the project. This involves a free consultation with you in which we collaborate on how the project will take shape. Information is gathered, goals are determined, and strategies are articulated in detail. Once we’ve successfully gone over what is being requested and have come to an agreement on what the deliverable will be, we can then begin Phase 2.

Buy lasix pills, How to order lasix drip

Design is where we take the materials collected in the Discovery phase and start applying them in visual ways. Mockups are generated, sketches are rendered, and wireframes are produced as “comps” —concepts on what visual shape your project will take. Typically two rounds of revisions are permitted, although this can be amended to incorporate more complex projects. Once a final direction is chosen, we then move on to production.


The third step is the production phase in which a more refined piece will be generated, a structure will be determined, the site will be built out and tested, etc. Following this third step, testing will be done to ensure we are meeting the objectives of the project and do any last minutes modifications of required.

Delivery & Fulfillment

The fourth and final step is the delivery of the final piece. Often a style guide is submitted for a larger project, or in the case of an illustration files are uploaded to the server and any additional services or follow-up is performed. The ultimate goal is to make sure you as the customer are getting everything you need to be successful. If necessary, a maintenance plan is discussed, outlining continued measurement efforts beyond the final delivered project.

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