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Rezendes Design represents over two decades of design & development expertise creating usable & valuable experiences for a variety of industries. Here’s a first-hand peek at a few:

Kasasa Mobile Banking

Kasasa Mobile Banking

Market Microscope Laptop

Market Microscope

OnTrack Mobile UI

On-Track Mobile

Physician Affiliation Screen

Physician Affiliation

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What good are pretty pixels if they don’t help you succeed? Let’s craft a plan that will make sure your efforts are measurable and show results.


Make your ideas shine through meticulous processes that touch all aspects of your project. Uncover a solution that’s tailor-fit to you.


Capacity to scale means growing as needed. Whether it’s a small project or part of a larger initiative, feel confident in getting what you need.


Working together requires a certain like mindedness. That’s why making sure your project is the right fit is of the utmost importance.


Not sure where to go after the work is completed? Let’s talk through next steps and discover how you can build toward your goals.


Honing in on where the industry is going prevents costly redesigns. Let’s look beyond the next greatest thing to build brands that last.

Case studies don’t tell the full story of people directly impacted and causes championed. Take a moment to browse through other amazing wins that mattered.

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Craft a unique and lasting product that makes you stand out & ensures you are unique in the marketplace.

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Get moving along the right path to happy customers with quality planning and strategy.

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Expertise that you can count on, whether it’s app development, strategy, creative, production, or positioning.

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Build a thriving business through collaborative partnerships. Bring your full efficiency to bear.

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